December 22

Won’t carpet get dirty quicker after it’s cleaned?



This IS TRUE…if carpet isn’t cleaned properly. Have you ever heard someone say, “After my carpet was cleaned, it just seemed to get dirty again really fast”? This is also true if too much detergent or the wrong detergent was used. As well, cleaning your carpet with improper techniques will leave residue behind that makes it get dirty quick. Some “Professionals” don’t even clean carpet right.

Another problem with waiting too long to have your carpet cleaned is that the soil builds up. If the carpet is excessively soiled, some of the deep soil may rise to the top and require a second or third cleaning to get the appearance up to par.

So why else does carpet get so dirty?

Every time you walk inside, your shoes track in soil. Oil from the driveway, fertilizer from the lawn, pollen in the grass, and everything you step upon gets tracked in on your carpet. Furthermore, every time you cook in your kitchen, oils get airborne that eventually land in your carpet.

Even if your carpet “looks” clean, it may not be clean. Regular, professional cleaning is necessary to keep your carpet looking its best and lasting the longest. And perhaps most important, regular cleaning promotes a healthier home.

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