Why Choose A-Plus To Have Your Upholstery Cleaned?

Upholstery Cleaning

Although we majored in carpet cleaning, that doesn’t mean we don’t clean Upholstery. Furniture uses a wider variety of fabrics, materials and construction than carpet, so one cleaning process will not work on all fabric types. Special consideration must be given to color fastness and dimensional stability. The Technician will evaluate and recommend the right upholstery cleaning process for your special fabric.

Trust us, upholstery is something you want to have a professional clean.

You’ll get an experienced cleaning technician who knows exactly how to clean your specialty fabric. First, we’ll do a fiber inspection to determine the fiber type. Once we know the fiber content, we will be able to safely clean your upholstered furniture.



We will carefully vacuum your furniture prior to cleaning, in order to remove any crumbs, coins or loose strings. This also gives our professional technicians a chance to take note of any rips, tears or stains in the fabric. We spray specialized cleanser on any spots and use a coarse horse-hair brush on real problem spots.

 We use a hot water vacuum and rinse to really clean your furniture.


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