February 17

Keeping Carpet Clean



Your carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You need to clean your carpets so you can live in a clean home that is free of germs & dust. Your carpet is a great place for germs and dust to hide where you can’t get to it. We are going to talk about ways to keep your home healthy by keeping carpets clean.

Vacuuming The Carpet

The best way to keep your carpets clean in between deep cleaning is to vacuum regularly. The more you vacuum the better. We recommend vacuuming at least 2 times a week.

You will get the best results if you vacuum both vertically and horizontally. The forward pass is just a positioning stroke the back stroke is when the cleaning happens. Vacuuming this way will make sure that all the carpet fibers are reached and cleaned.

You should also make sure your vacuum is in good operating condition. This is very important. You should check and clean all the filters and hoses on your vacuum once a month.

Spot Cleaning

When you get a spot on your carpet stay calm. First please avoid using a high residue spotter (most spotters that you buy at the store). Using these spotters might take the stain out but leave a residue that will attract dirt right back to that spot. They also might not take the spot out but set the spot in and make it impossible to remove. If the spot is not treated with the correct spotter it can cause it to never come out.

Most spots use a white cloth use the spotter that your carpet cleaning professional left with you. Put the spotter on a white cloth and dab the stain. ( Never rub you can cause damage to the carpet fiber)

Grease or oil stains use rubbing alcohol to a white cloth and gently dab the spot. ( never rub, also never pour the alcohol directly on your carpet.)

Wet stains are best to use a wet vac to remove as much of the liquid and soil as possible. A wet vac will pull up the soil instead of pressing it down ( like a towel will).

After you remove the soil, treat the spot with a Quilty spot cleaner and gently wipe the spot with a damp towel.

Use the Techniques on this website at your own risk. If you feel unsure about removing the stain. Call us at 618-667-9683 to set up an appointment.

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