April 26

Clean Floors & Upholstery



spring Cleaning Floors

Fresh Clean Carpet & Floors for Spring

Why is Spring Cleaning so Important? You’ve been cooped up all winter.  The stale air and wet winter muck settled into your floors and furniture.  We can help.

Carpet Cleaning
Your carpet is extracted with hot water to kill bacteria and germs.  The dirty water is vacuumed into a holding tank in our van with a powerful van mounted machine.

Area Rug Cleaning
Your rugs are cleaned in your home.  You’ll get the cleanest rugs possible.  We’re expierenced in cleaning ALL nylon, polyster, wool, silk, cotton, and other fibered rugs.

Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning
Your floors are rinsed with high pressured, hot water.  The dirty water is extracted in a tank in our van leaving your floors sparkling clean.  We can even dye your grout if needed.

Upholstery Cleaning
Your upholstered furniture is safely cleaned with a low moisture process that gently and safely rinses your fibers to leave them fresh and clean.

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