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Your Carpet Does Not Have To Look Dirty.

clean carpet in a room with a view

Having dirty carpeting can affect your life in many ways. When your carpets are old, soiled or just worn down, it can really make a room look bad. Try hiring a professional to clean your carpets. What do you need from a good professional carpet cleaning service? Here are some things you can do to get pointed in the right direction.

If you want a clean carpet, ensure the company you are considering has a real address . This will be useful if you end up having an issue with the company. Companies with only an email to correspond with can be frustrating and get you nowhere.

There are different ways that a professional can approach your carpet's cleaning. Your best bet, though, is to hire a professional to remove staining. Before using this, test a small area.

Never rub an area that is affected by dirt or a spill. This can cause the stain to look worse and fall deeper into the carpet. You should try blotting any spills. For problems with dirt or caked-on mud, attempt to loosen the dirt before applying moisture.

Read the coupons you use. There are sometimes stipulations about services. Some services will require an extra fee. Contact the company and be specific in what you need. Make sure they are clear with you about what is covered with the coupon. Also, ask if there are any deals that they can offer you.

Before you choose a cleaning product, do some testing on your carpet with them. There are several different types, but not all of them are suitable for your needs. Once you discover a product that works well, continue using it as long as you have the same carpet.

You should see what screening process is involved in choosing employees. Criminals should not be allowed in your home. In general, cleaners typically run background checks on their employees. If the company does not do background checks, consider finding a different carpet cleaning company.

Ask your carpet cleaner for references. Good companies will give you verifiable references. Understand though, that they will generally just provide information for satisfied customers.

Before hiring a carpet cleaner, you need to find out more about the products and equipment they use. You're paying a lot for your carpets to be clean, so you need to make sure the company is using the grade-A equipment.

What methods will they use for cleaning the carpets? There are a few different ways to clean carpets and if you have a preference, you should ask to find out just how your carpets will be cleaned. Many methods produce good results, but ask questions if the process itself is relevant to you.

After reading this article, you should now be better able to handle hiring a carpet cleaner. Follow these tips to see how easy it is to sort through carpet cleaners and find just the right one. You are sure to be pleased with the excellent results you will get with a professional carpet cleaner. That makes your home look wonderful as well!

5 Simple Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaner Before you Invite Them Into Your home. 

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Ice Melt And Carpet

Ice Melt Carpet Damage

Your carpet and floors don’t look as good at the end of winter.  Ice melt salt is a HUGE cause of this problem.  It gets scattered all over and every time you walk inside your home or step into your vehicle, you track in harmful chemicals.

What does ice melt do to carpet and rugs?

Your first step of prevention is vacuuming.  Vacuum very well so the salt crystals don’t get embedded deep into your carpet backing.  However, vacuuming isn’t all you need to do.  Many types of ice melt cause a sticky residue that can cause ugly spots and traffic wear.  To prevent this, a thorough carpet or rug cleaning needs to be done after the ice melt is tracked inside.  This should be done by the end of winter.

What does ice melt do to your floors?

First, the oily residue can be slippery on some floors, which can cause falling hazards.  Secondarily, the floor finish can be compromised.  Frequent sweeping and mopping is necessary throughout the winter to prevent major damage.  But even with constant maintenance, the chemicals used in ice melt can damage the finish of hardwood, tile grout, natural stone, and vinyl.  A professional deep cleaning should be done every 1 – 2 years along with evaluation of the sealer on your floor.

What about your kids and pets?

Ice melt can be toxic.  Your pets may lie on the floor and get the ice melt absorbed into their fur.  Your kids may do the same.  Once the ice melt chemical is on them, it can be easily transferred into their mouths.

Now is the PERFECT time to get your carpet, rugs, and floors cleaned.  Just call us for an honest professional assessment of what you need.  We’ll make your home or business clean and healthy again.

Dust Mites And Carpet

Your carpet is a great place for dust mites to live. They are a big reason that you have allergies. We are going to give you some information about how to remove the dust mites from your home.

What is a dust mite?

Dust mites in carpet

They are in the same family as spiders. They feed off dead skin, pet dander, & dust.

They find a home in every residence. Dust mites are attracted to moist, warm areas of your home.

They are in your carpet and upholstery.

Just like any other animal they go to where they can find food. So carpet and upholstery is a great place for them because it is one of the biggest air filter in your home.

How do you get rid of them?

  1. Heat is the easiest way to kill dust mites. Steam cleaning your carpets and having your upholstery cleaned with hot water is the easiest way to kill them. EPA recommends having your carpets cleaned once a year.
  2. In-between Steam cleanings using a good vacuum with a HEPA filter at least 2 times a week.

3 Reasons to Do Spring Cleaning.

1. Your home will look beautiful.

Your family and friends will enjoy being in your home.  Half of the first impression is based on the appearance of your carpet and floors. Spring Cleaning time is a great time to take care of your carpets.

Spring Cleaning 62025

2. You’ll save money by your carpet lasting longer.  

Having your carpets cleaned is cheaper than replacement.  Carpet and rug manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least every year.  In fact, many carpet warranties demand professional cleaning at least every 2 Years or your warranty is void.  Cleaning makes carpet last much longer.

Spring Cleaning Glen Carbon IL

3. You’ll have a healthier home.

The EPA (Environment Protection Agency) recommends homes with children or pets have carpet cleaned every 6-12 months.  Proper cleaning actually improves the health of your home by removing pollens, mold spores, dander, pollutants, and soils.

Spring Carpet Cleaning

Why Spring Cleaning?

After you’ve been couped up inside, your home needs cleaning.  Dirt, germs, food particles, grease, dust, pet dander, asphalt, pollen, and other debris settle down in floors, bedding and upholstery.  Your environment may look clean, but it’s very unhealthy.

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Winter is the Best Time For Cleaning.

You’re cooped up inside. The risk of colds, flu virus and allergies are rampant. Dirt, germs, food particles, grease, dust, pet dander, asphalt, pollen, mold, dead skin cells, and other debris settles in floors, bedding and upholstery.

You heard the hype about indoor air being more polluted than outdoor air? It’s true. In winter, it’s even more true.

4 Ways You’ll Get a Healthier Home

1. Safe all-natural cleaning agents made specifically for people who have chemical sensitivities.

2. No mold or allergen growth because your carpet dries FAST.

3. Steam cleaning with HOT 180 degree water for carpet, tile and upholstery to kill germs.

4. Soils are extracted outside into our powerful van mounted machine so no germs get cross contaminated. This system is designed to go WAY beyond what most cleaners think of doing. We even have a speical way of removing pet stains from your carpet padding.

3 Reasons To Get Your Carpet Cleaned By A Professional.

1. Your Home will Look Beautiful. 

You can keep an environment your family and friends will enjoy being in. Your carpets strongly reflects your entire home. Half of the first impressions is based on the appearance of your carpets and floors. Stain-free carpet leaves a great first impression. 

2. You Will Save Money By Your Carpet Lasting Longer. 

Maintenance is always cheaper than replacement. Carpet and rug manufactures recommend professional cleaning at least every 12 months. In fact most carpet warrantees demand professional cleaning at least every 24 months or you warrantee is void. Proper cleaning makes carpet last much longer. 

3. You Will Have A Healthier Home. 

The EPA (environment protection agency) recommend that houses with children or pet have there carpets cleaned every 6-12 months. Proper cleaning improves the air quality in your home by removing pollen, mold spores, dander, pollutants, and soils.