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Carpet Stains



Carpet stains

What Stains can be removed?

A lot of the time when A-Plus gets a call from a customer it is about stains on carpet. The question is almost always “can you get it out”. The answer to this question should always be not all stains can be removed. We always say that the only way to see if it can be removed is to try. If it is possible to remove it we will get it out.

Sugar and oil stains.

Most dark colored stains are sugar or oil based stains. These can be removed 87% of the time. Stains in this category include soda, tea, coffee, and non-red juices.

Body fluids

So what about stains like blood, vomit, and urine? Like most stains, these need to be addressed fast. The sooner you get them removed the better. The trick with blood is not to use hot water or cleaning products. these things can acutely set the stain in on the carpet making them impossible to remove.

Mystery stains

Sometimes you can get stains though no fault of your own. These include water rings, filtration lines under doors or around walls, and yellowing. Water stains are hit or miss they could easily come out or not. Filter lines requires using a special spotter and manually scrubbing them with a towel. ( Do to the extra labor involved, this process may cost more than you would like.) Yellowing is also a hit or miss stain that may come out easy or impossible.

Remove it fast!

The bottom line is that no one can guarantee that they will get stains out of your carpet. What seams like a easy stain to remove could be impossible to remove. But speed is your friend, the faster you treat a stain the better luck you will have removing it.

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