February 23

Carpet Fibers



When choosing new carpet for your home here is some information about the 4 different fibers. We want you to have the most information about what you are buying. We put together a little information about carpet fibers.

  1. Olefin – Also known as Polypropylene, olefin has an excellent stain resistant property and is difficult to stain. The fiber may mat down quickly in a less dense carpet. It is very oil loving and may get dirty quicker in areas near the kitchen and in homes with pets.
  2. Polyester – Often an alternative to nylon due to its cheaper price. Polyester has great stain resistant qualities. However, it isn’t as resilient as nylon, which may cause traffic lanes to look matted or pooled after heavy traffic. Also furniture indentations are difficult to remove after furniture is moved.
  3. Nylon – The Most durable fiber to withstand wear. It has great stain resistant properties and great wear ability. As well, it’s very resistant to oils. The only draw back to nylon is that it can be more susceptible to red dyes like kool aid and wine. Be very careful as strong chemicals like bleach, peroxides, toilet bowl cleaners, and other strong chemicals can cause color loss.
  4. Wool – A very durable and most luxurious fiber. Most oriental rugs are made of wool can last for 100 years or more. Wool is naturally fire resistant. However, wool is easily stained if spots are not quickly removed and wool is very vulnerable to bleach.

Note: To keep light colored carpet and area rugs looking great cleaning should be done before it appears dirty. Once the traffic lanes appear dirty, some damage is already done to the fibers. Cleaning can improve the appearance in this situation, but it may never return to its original color.

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