November 24

Clean Your Carpets For your Allergies



Allergies are more than just a nuisance — they can be incredibly harmful to your health and potentially ruin your day. But depending on what you’re sensitive to, allergies can take a lot of work to reduce within your home. Allergies tend to operate on a tipping point scale; you may be fine with a certain amount of dust and pollen in your house, but the moment that it exceeds that amount, you can start having a serious allergic reaction. The only way to manage these allergic reactions is to make sure that your house is kept as clean as possible.


Allergies are caused by variety of things: dust, pollen, and dander. Depending on your allergies, you may be sensitive to particular things, such as grasses or animals. Regardless, allergies usually only occur if you’re directly exposed, either through air or skin contact. As long as you can keep your environment clean, you should be able to reduce many of your allergic symptoms. This often includes duct cleaning, changing your air filters, and dusting and cleaning.


Carpets serve a vital role in allergy management. They collect allergens in a single place. Without carpeting, all of the dust and dander throughout your home will end up in your air and on other hard surfaces. Every time you and your family members move in your house, the dust will become unsettled. It will also enter into your ducts and filtration systems and be circulated by fans. Carpets eliminate this problem.

But because carpets collect all of this dirt and dander, they also need to be cleaned. Vacuuming alone usually isn’t enough to get the dirt and dust particles out from a carpet, though they can be enough on a day-to-day basis. Regular professional carpet cleaning is necessary to get down inside of the carpet and to remove the dirt that has become wedged into the strands. Without regular carpet cleaning, carpets will collect enough dust and debris that they will start putting dust out into the environment and will not be as good at collecting it.


Cleaning the dust and dirt from your carpet has to be done with professional machines, which are able to go deep down into the strands of your carpeting to bring them back to looking like new. But carpet cleaning isn’t just about reducing the allergens in your home. Carpet cleaning also makes your carpet last longer. As dust collects within your carpeting, it will also start fraying the strands that make up your carpet, increasing wear. Over time, this will make your carpet retain dust more, even when you vacuum.

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With the right allergy maintenance, you’ll find that you can keep you and your family’s allergic symptoms to a minimum even if you have pets. Carpet cleaning can make it much easier for you to reduce your allergies, while carpet itself will keep allergens from getting into your air. Additionally, you can work to reduce the amount of allergens introduced into your home and kept within your home, with a comprehensive cleaning strategy. 

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